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Hello! 😀

I’m Kiri from Germany, this is my homepage gallery of all my fantasy costumes I created. Sometimes I am also a fantasy/ tattoo model or hobby photographer.

Here are some points about me 😀

  • I made my first cosplay in 2011 ( T5 Warlock Blood Elf from World of Warcraft) and visit my first Convention at Gamescom Köln. Few months later (2011) I got my first photo shoot and do it until today
  • 2012 – 2016 I mainly did fashion / portrait / tattoo photo shootings
  • In 2016, I was on the cover of the „Tätowier Magazin“ (tattoo magazine Germany). At the same year I start to create fantasy stuff (corsage) and cosplays for photo shoots
  • 2017 I create my first armor OCC (out of charakter) Costume. If you ask why no „Cosplays or Templates“? I have more fun to design my own Costume stuff 😉 and summer 2017 I won the „Best Build“ place at the Gamescom Cosplay Contest with my Paladin Costume
  • 2018 I married my wonderful husband Swen ♥
  • 2019 I moved in a new flat and now I have more space for my creativity

Things I Love <3

  • Rabbits & Cats
  • Anime / Fantasy or Hero Movies
  • Photography
  • Philippine & Italian Food
  • Cosplays and Costume Crafting
  • Tattoos
  • Sweet Stuffs